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How to participate

Look for Satori ReLife bins at your local skate shop and follow the instructions to make sure your wheels are usable in our recycling process.

Current Shops Collecting for Re-Life:
303 Boards - Colorado

AMPT - Arcata, CA
Cal Skate Skateboards - Portland
Civil S&S - Rhode Island
Crushed - D.C.
Eureka Skate Shop - Eureka, CA
Familia Skate Shop - Minneapolis
FTC - San Francisco
KCDC - Brooklyn
NJ Skate - New Jersey

No Comply ATX - Austin
Relief Skate Supply - Panama City, FL

Orchard - Boston
Ornery Boards - Hayden, CO

Plus Skate Shop - Walton Beach, FL
Seasons - Albany
Select Skate Shop - Costa Mesa, CA
Skatepark of Tampa - FL
Sonoma Coast S&S - Petaluma
Southside Skatepark - Houston
Stratosphere - Atlanta
Subsect - Des Moines
Uprise - Chicago

If you have a local shop you think should get involved, have them reach out!

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